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Carriage of Pets by car zootaxi Moscow and the Moscow region

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Order zootaxi Moscow and Moscow region

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Dear friends!
Order zootaxi for animal transportation Moscow and Moscow region,
You can simply call or fill out the online application form below.
ZOOTAXI PRO team thanks you for contacting us!
We hope for long-term and fruitful cooperation!

I want to receive a discount promo-code via e-mail
To order the transportation of animals in zootaxi
fill in the appropriate fields on the left.

At desire
You can enter your E-mail,

In this case, it will receive a notification
that the application is accepted.

If you order the transportation of the animal to zootaxi for the first time,
it is necessary to have a leash and a muzzle for dogs,
to avoid unforeseen situations when meeting the driver and on the road.

Not all animals can easily tolerate transportation to zootaxi,
try not to feed your pet for 4 hours before the trip,
some of them can get carsick.

Before transportation in zootaxi the animal needs to be walked.
Your pet will not feel discomfort on the way,
even if it takes longer.

Before transportation of an animal in zootaxi and when you stop
your pet doesn't walk without a leash.
The reaction of your pet in an unfamiliar area can be unpredictable.

During transportation to zootaxi
the animal does not move freely around the cabin.
Distract the driver from driving is unacceptable.

In a locked zootaxi car, indoors and outdoors
the animal is never left without supervision.
Lack of control can lead to undesirable consequences.

Upon arrival at the veterinary clinic
do not get the animal inside the zoo at once,
walk your pet-it will distract him from the ligament "car - veterinarian."

109 Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow, Russia
The "RIO" trade centre, floor 6

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mon-sun from 07: 00 to 23: 00 day mode
mon-sun from 23: 00 to 07: 00 night mode

8 (926) 438 79 74
8 (926) 438 79 75

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